Village of Bellport Board of Trustees Work Session Agenda – October 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm in Community Center

Village of Bellport

Work Session Board Meeting – October 12, 2021

beginning at 6:00PM

A G E N D A – Subject to Change


This meeting is open to the public in Bellport Community Center at 4 Bell Street. It is an in-person meeting.

1. Treasurer’s Report: 

    1. Review of year-to-date financials through September 30, 2021 (Exhibit 1)
    2. Total taxes collected through October 9, 2021: $2,760,178.75 (97.08% of the budget).

2. Proposal: Mothers Beach Gate: the Bellport Village Program Fund offer to participate by cost sharing with the Village on the project.

3. Proposal: Golf Berm at the 18th Hole: the Bellport Village Program Fund is interested in donating the fees both in design and plantings to renovate the small garden at the Bellport Golf Club’s 18th Parkland would maintain the garden once it is established.

4. Discussion: Golf Course and Tennis Buildings

5. Discussion: Status of Ho Hum Pavilion

6. Discussion: Trash Receptacles for the Village – setting a new standard

7. Updates:

    • South Howells Creek Erosion: GEI Consulting
    • Waterfront –
      • 2022 Rate for the Bellport Marina Boat Slip Fee (Exhibit 2)
      • 2022 Boat Berth License Agreement (Exhibit 3)
      • FEMA Main Dock Project: FEMA Validation of Project, Partial Payment Reimbursement Requests
      • Browns Lane Bulkhead Replacement and Main/Rock Dock Projects
      • Congressional (Schumer, Gillibrand, Zeldin) Allocation Grant Status and Timeframe
    • Discussion: Infrastructure – Waste Water Management
    • Safety and Traffic Calming Measures: 1) Intersection of Station Road/Bellport Lane/South Country Road Permit from Suffolk County Department of Transportation; 2.) Bellport Village Traffic Study (Exhibit 4)
    • Discussion: Noise Pollution
    • NYCOM Fall Conference, Saratoga New York
    • The Advance: special issue for its 150 Anniversary Celebration Issue

8. Review Monthly Building Report (Exhibit: 5)

9. Review Monthly Code Report (Exhibit: 6)

10. Special Events:

    1. Bellport High School: Excursion to the Bellport Breach with the Whalehouse Point Ferry on Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 7:30PM
    2. Bellport Chamber of Commerce – Halloween Parade– October 30, 2021, 11:00AM gathering at the Bellport Fire Department

11. Review the September 27, 2021, Board Meeting Minutes (Exhibit 7)




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