Summer Update for Village Hall

Summer Update for Village Hall


Village Hall will reopen to the public starting Monday, June 8th with restrictions. Due to mandatory distancing, we will allow two people, or one family at a time inside to the counter. Face masks must be worn at all times.


Village ID cards:

For residents who already have a photo in the ID card system, please call Village Hall at 631-286-0327. We will update your card and notify you, when it is ready to be picked up.

Residents who do not have their photo in the ID card system can call Village Hall and they will be given an appointment to come in to have their photo taken.


Ho Hum Beach Passes:

Ho Hum season passes can be purchased by calling Village Hall and we will let you know when you can come in to pick up your updated ID card, which will indicate a season pass.



For tennis, please pay your membership by check, or credit card. We will issue an ID card, which indicates that you are a tennis member.


Ho Hum Stickers:

Ho Hum stickers for residents who do not have a slip in the Village Marina will be given a sticker at Village Hall.  You must bring in (or email a copy) your Village ID card, boat registration and proof of insurance. We will issue a sticker with your boat registration number written on it.

For slip holders, stickers can be picked up at Village Hall by calling and we will have it ready for you to pick up at a convenient time.


Dock parking Stickers: (once dock reopens)

Car stickers can be obtained at the dock guard booth. When a car pulls up, show your Village ID card and car registration, the dock guard will record the information and place the sticker on the car. All dock guards and residents must WEAR FACE MASKS.


Kayak and Dingy Stickers:

When the invoice is paid, we will provide you with a sticker. You can drop a check in the village hall mail box outside the front door, or provide a credit card number and we will call you to pick up your sticker.


Boat Launch Stickers:

Bring (or email a copy) of your ID card along with the registration of your boat trailer, we will then issue you a permit/sticker for your trailer. Non-residents are required to bring to village hall a copy of their boat trailer registration along with a copy of their driver’s license.

Village Hall can be reached at:  AT 631-286-0327, via email at: , or on our VILLAGE WEBSITE:

Thank you for your patience during the Pandemic.

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