Dock Policy

Bellport Dock Policy


The Dock is open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. The Marina’s season begins May 14th and ends October 31st.

This facility is supported and maintained by the residents of the Incorporated Village of Bellport. The Village Clerk, Dock Master and Dock Guards have authority over dock access, parking and general activities.

Parking and Stickers

  • Parking on the dock is reserved for residents only. Every vehicle parked must display a resident parking sticker. Please show your current Village ID card (from Village Hall) and your current car registration to the Dock Guard who will then affix a Village sticker to your car. Until proper documentation is presented to the Dock Guard, the driver will be directed to park behind the Bandshell.
  • There will be no overnight parking except in the lot north of the Bandshell with approval of the Dock Guard.
  • Parking on the east, south and west of the yacht club building is limited to two hours.
  • Please shut off your engine while enjoying the view. No idling of engines permitted.


Non-resident vehicles can “hoop/loop the dock”; however, parking on the dock is limited to residents only. Non-residents must park in the lot behind the Bandshell.

Sailing Foundation parents may drop off and pick up their children utilizing both the front and rear entrances of the yacht club; however, if they need to park, they must do so behind the Bandshell.


  • The Dock Guard will check each boat using the launch ramp to verify that there is a current Village Marina sticker affixed to the boat in a location which can be seen from the dock.
  • Residents who have a valid Village I.D. card and who do not have a slip in the marina can pay either the daily launch fee of $20 or obtain a Seasonal Launch Permit from Village Hall at a fee of $150. The Seasonal Launch Permit must be permanently affixed to the trailer belonging to the resident.
  • Non-residents who wish to launch a boat using the ramp can pay either a daily launch fee of $60 or purchase a Seasonal Launch Permit for a fee of $300. The Seasonal Launch Permit must be permanently affixed to the trailer.
  • It is against code for anyone to launch a jet ski from the dock, ramp or shoreline or operate a jet ski upon water or waterways within the Village shoreline.

Trailer Lot

  • The trailer parking lot is primarily for vehicles with trailers attached. Trailers attached to vehicles will park parallel at the north end of lot. The trailer lot may be used for overflow car parking when the Bandshell lot is full at the direction of the Dock Guard.
  • Kayak and Dinghy owners should park parallel along the east side of the trailer lot beginning at Shore Road. Please do not drive on the grass to unload dinghies or kayaks.
  • Emergency Vehicles ONLY shall be permitted south of the yellow chain on Shore Road.


Please put all trash into the garbage barrels. If these barrels are full, please place garbage in the dumpster. Do not leave trash next to garbage barrels.


The dock year begins May 14th and ends October 31st.

  • Please berth your boat into its proper slip by July 7th. If that is not possible, the slip holder needs to obtain written approval from the Village Clerk. If slip holders do not obtain approval by July 7th, they will be notified that they have 10 days to put the boat in the slip or lose their slip.
  • Each slip holder must supply the name and contact number of 3 emergency persons capable of responding to a Dock Master Distress notification. This is to limit damage done to the person’s own boat, adjacent boats and the dock. In the event that the designated person does not respond, the Dock Guard is authorized to call a Village emergency responder to secure the boat. The cost for this service will be paid by the boat owner.
  • Village Dock personnel are not permitted on any boat.
  • Please remove your boat from the Marina by October 31st. Boats remaining in their assigned slip after that date must first obtain written approval of the Village Clerk. Should a boat remain in the marina after November 15th without approval, the slip holder will be charged a monthly fee of $100 per month up to a maximum of no more than $300. This fee must be paid prior to submitting paperwork for the 2016 boating season.
  • Under no circumstances is a boat permitted to remain at the stick dock after November 15th.
  • Five mile per hour speed limit must be observed from the furthest speed buoy and into the Village Marina and Ho Hum Beach, and paddle-boarders, kayakers and sailboats must be extended the right of way within 1500 feet from shore.

Row Boat Beach

  • Residents can apply for a permit at Village Hall to keep kayaks and boats at Row Boat Beach. Kayaks and dinghies must have the permit sticker attached and be placed in their assigned spots.
  • Only one vessel per post and/or rack space is permitted.
  • Spaces on Row Boat Beach are limited to one dinghy post and/or two kayak racks per Village residence.
  • Kayaks and dinghies must be removed by October 31st. If you would like to remain in your assigned spot after November 1st, a winter fee must be paid to the Village. The fee is half the cost of the summer rate.


Fishing is permitted ONLY from the south and east side of the Main Dock (also known as the rock dock). Fishing is not permitted at the main pier. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to fish.


Crabbing is permitted off the east, south and west sides by the Yacht Club and from the south and east side of the Main Dock. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to crab.

Conduct at the Marina

Please be considerate of your neighbors. Loud music, alcoholic beverages, destructive and abusive behavior will result in expulsion from the park or possible summons. At the marina diving, swimming, or jumping into the water is not safe and is prohibited.


Leashed dogs are permitted in park restricted to grass. Dogs are NOT permitted on beach, especially on the playground area. Owners must pick up after their dog or leave the dock.

Gazebo Beach

The Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation utilizes the beach in front of the Gazebo for lessons Monday through Thursday throughout the summer. Once the class has launched, the area from the edge of the boat pad to the boat racks in front of the playground should be available for residents to walk, sit, or lay on the beach. Should dollies be left in this area, speak to the Dock Guard on duty for their removal.

Mothers Beach

  • Mothers Beach is open from dawn to dusk for residents and their guests only.
  • Parked cars must display a valid Village ID sticker. If guests are not accompanied by a resident, the Dock Guard will ask for the resident’s ID card or will call the resident to verify the identity of the guest. The Dock Guard will then issue a guest pass with the current date.
  • There is no swimming permitted at Mothers Beach.
  • Children must be under the control of a parent or responsible adult
  • Dogs are not permitted.

Ho-Hum Beach

  • Resident may dock their own boats on a first-come, first-serve basis provided they either have a slip in the marina or have obtained a permit to do so from Village Hall and permanently affix the sticker to their boat.
  • All other boats can dock at Ho-Hum if space is available at a rate of $70 per day.
  • Docking after 5:30 pm is limited to residents.
  • All docked boats must be perpendicular to the dock.
  • Docking at the ferry dock is at the discretion of the Ferry Captain.
  • Dock personnel are not permitted on any boat.
  • Code prohibits the storage of gear, grilling food, alcohol consumption and fires on all Village property.
  • Please note that there is no water or electricity available to boaters.
  • All boat trash must be brought back to the mainland.

Please read this updated Dock Policy and retain it for future reference. We thank you for your adherence to these policies.