Dear Residents:

As you all may be aware, as of November 28, 2018, the Town of Brookhaven will be reverting back to the dual-stream recycling program that was discontinued in 2014. 

In the Village, we will continue to have recycling pick up every Wednesday for paper, cardboard, metal cans and plastics but the recycling will have to be separated.  Newspapers, cardboard and paper products must be kept separated from the cans and plastics.

Glass bottles and jars are no longer accepted with curbside recyclables.  You can drop off free of charge at one of Brookhaven Town’s satellite locations listed below or return them to the locations where purchased for your deposit refund.

Brookhaven Town Hall – 1 Independence Hill, Farmingville, NY  11738

Brookhaven Landfill – 350 Horseblock Road, Brookhaven, NY  11719

Manorville Compost Facility – Papermill Road, Manorville, NY  11849

Holtsville Ecology Center – 240 Buckley Road, Holtsville, NY  11742

Rose Caracappa Senior Center – 739 Route 25A, Mount Sinai, NY  11766 

Acceptable Material for Curbside Recycling


–        Emptied/Rinsed

–       Tin, aluminum and bimetallic cans

–       Aerosol spray cans (empty & caps removed)

–       NO cans contaminated with toxic chemicals

–       Newspaper

–       Copy paper

–       Magazines

–       Colored inserts

–       NO waxed paper

–       NO metallic paper

–       NO soiled paper (i.e. tissues, paper towel, etc.)

–       NO shredded paper
PLASTICS #1 and #2

–       Emptied/rinsed

–       Water/soda bottles

–       Milk jugs

–       Detergent bottles

–       Plastic tubs

–       NO motor oil containers

–       NO Styrofoam

–       NO plastic bags

–       Corrugated – Broken down/flattened

–       Non-Corrugated-Broken down/flattened

–       NO milk/juice cartons

–       NO egg cartons

–       NO soiled cardboard (i.e. greasy pizza boxes, etc.)

Also, the bulk leaf pickup deadline is 12/20/18.  No brush, branches, logs, beach grass or garbage allowed.  Pile will be left if this happens.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the upcoming holidays. 

Best Wishes,

Mayor Raymond Fell


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