Village Justice

Bellport Village Community Center

Bellport Village Justice Court

Court is held in the Community Center at 4 Bell Street, Bellport and starts promptly at 7:00 pm.

2020 Court Dates

Month 1st Date 2nd Date
January January 13th January 27th
February February 10th February 24th
March March 9th March 23rd
April April 6th April 20th
May May 4th May 18th
June June 1st June 15th
July July 6th July 20th
August August 10th
September September 14th September 28th
October October 5th October 19th
November November 9th November 23rd
December December 7th December 21st

Name Position
Howard Meyers Village Justice
Kerri Lechtrecker Acting Village Justice
Leigh Huisman Court Clerk

Ticket payments can be paid in form of Check, Cash or Money Order made out to Village of Bellport Justice Court.

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