Board of Trustees Work Session Agenda for February 10, 2020 – Subject to Change


 Board Work Session Meeting – February 10, 2020


(Subject to Change)


Executive Session, beginning at 5:00PM

1.      Discussion: Public Participation at Work Sessions and Board Meetings

2.      Treasurer’s Update:

         ·         Financial Statements: General Fund and Enterprise Fund

         ·         Update of the Budget Process for 2020-21 and Reminder of Upcoming Meeting Schedule

         ·         Rate Schedules for all Waterfront Management and Facilities

         ·         Status of Bond Anticipation Note (BAN) approval of Guidance Lines of Funding Letter with Bridgehampton National Bank.

         ·         Short-term Cash Requirements and Long-term Debt Planning

         ·         Discussion Piercing the Tax Cap

3.      Discussion: New Aluminum Work Boat for DPW and New Garbage Truck Request (Exhibit 4)

4.      Announcement: Upcoming Village Election on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 for:

         ·         2 Trustees for a two-year term

         ·         1 Village Justice for a four-year term

         ·         Conflict of voting machines, pending special request

5.      Upcoming Public Hearing at February 24, 2020, Board Meeting Code Amendment regarding Solicitation – Next Steps

6.      Postpone Public Hearing due the Village’s need to submit to Suffolk County Planning Commission for permit a to amend Code on Driveways, limiting their size.

7.      Set Public Hearing at the February 24, 2020 Board Meeting for proposed “No Parking” sign on Bellport Lane at Bell Street in front of Village Hall.

8.      Retro-Active Resolution to be proposed at the Board Meeting of February 24, 2020 regarding the recommended Golf Commission work to be completed this winter by Parkland in the amount of $86,000 and paid from the golf assessment.

9.      Review Presentation of the Bellport Golf and Tennis Projects Committee Recommendations for future projects.

10.  Discussion: Opening of Ho Hum Beach for the 2020 Season.

11.  Update: The FEMA Main Pier Project.

12.  Report and proposal of the Traffic Calming Committee.

13.  Proposal for Cybersecurity Solutions from our IT Consultants -Total Technology, coverage billed monthly at $689, or $8,268, annualized.

14.  Discussion: Educational Projects at Ho Hum Beach and the Bellport Inlet with Center for Environmental Education and Discovery (CEED) access to Fire Island with the Village Ferry

15.  Discussion: SCVOA Summer Intern Program, prospective Intern would earn $15 per hour on an important project, such as Record Retention Scanning and File Retention

16.  Discussion: Biking disturbance around the County

17.  Request: Friends of Bellport Bay (FBB) would like to be posted on the Village Website as a local 501c3 non-profit organization improving the Great South Bay through project initiatives and educational programs.

18.  Review: The Monthly Code Report

19.  Review: Building Reports and Zombie Homes in Bellport.

20.  Updates:

       1.      Criminal Justice Reform

       2.      Complaints: Noise from the Bus Company and its impact on the surrounding neighborhood

       3.      Annexation of Ho Hum

21.  Special Events:

        1.      Saint Patrick’s Day Parade – Bellport Fire Department, March 28, 2020, tentatively at 11:00am, no parking on north and south sides of South Country          Road for the parade.

        2.      Bellport High School Student Art Exhibit in the Village Community Center – Exhibit and Reception in Early March/Late April

        3.      Ecumenical Sunrise Easter Service at Osborn Park – Mary Immaculate Church, April 12, 2020, expecting approximately 100 congregants.

        4.      Start-Up Opera+Orchestra: Bellport Opera Festival with Grucci Fireworks on the Bay, tentative dates on a Saturday, July 11, 18, 25, 2020

        5.      Wedding Ceremony at Mothers’ Beach with the Bellport County Club on Friday, July 23, 2021 ($800 fee).

 Executive Session

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