Board of Trustees Special Board Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2020

Village of Bellport

Special Board Meeting – May 28, 2020


 Call to Order, starting at 5:00PM, Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call; All present, via Zoom during COVID-19 Pandemic, audio taped.

 1)      Discussion: The Gateway Proposal: Request to produce summer “Drive-In Movies” (Exhibit: 1)


2)      Resolution: 49 Hold a Public Hearing regarding The Gateway Playhouse Proposal to produce Summer Drive-In Movies at the regularly scheduled Board of                Trustees Meeting on June 22, 2020. Motion:  Trustee Rosenberg – Second:  Trustee Mackin; Approved


3)      Village “Re-Opening” Plan: Ho-Hum Beach: Proposed Opening with Ferry and Lifeguards on June 27-28, and full-time beginning on Wednesday, July 1, 2020


4)      ID Cards for family members living with residents during the Pandemic Crisis


5)      Security at Ho-Hum, Distancing and After Hours during Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis


6)      Discuss status of Tax Payment Deferment


7)      Discussion regarding Kids’ Camp


8)      Resolution: 50  Main Dock Project Change Order: the Belgian Block Curbing 650 feet at $17,500 additional cost to the Village Motion:  Trustee Ferrigno –               Second:  Trustee Mackin; Discussion; Yea: Mackin, Ferrigno, and Fell; Nay: Rosenberg, Gagliano; Approved


9)      Easement on Second Avenue (Exhibit: 2)


10)  Special Events


a)      The Bellport High School Graduation Procession


b)   Recommending cancelling Summer Concert Series


11)  Close Motion:  Trustee Rosenberg – Second:  Trustee Gagliano; Approved


Executive Session


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