Board of Trustee Monthly Work Session Agenda – July 13, 2020 – Subject to Change

Village of Bellport

Board Work Session Meeting – July 13, 2020


  1. Presentation by Davidoff, Hutcher, and Citron LLP – Government Relations Group, Derek Wolman, Jonathan McCollum and Steve Malito and Nick Antonucci (Exhibit: 1)
  2. Presentation by Jon Berlin of Total Tech, our off-site technology company, focusing on the “Darkweb” and their services. (Exhibit: 2)
  3. Revisit the appropriation of a new Work Boat for the Department of Public Works (Exhibit: 3)
  4. FEMA Main Dock Project Contract Fee Adjustment, Number 2: ) modification/change order – Storm Water Drain System adding an additional outlet drain, $60,140.00 and 2.) Electrical Contractor Wiring and Cabling, $12,360.00; totaling $70,500.00
  5. Review request by Jessica Stark for reimbursement of Tennis Membership, due to a misunderstanding that one does not have to be a member of Bellport Tennis to take lessons with the Tennis Pro. (Exhibit: 3A)
  6. Discussion: Wildlife in Bellport Village – wild animal life is growing in the village: deer, turkeys, racoons, opossum, rodents, rabbits, squirrel, chipmunks, etc. We are initiating a program to address wildlife in the Village, providing information, which when followed can bring about positive change. (Exhibit: 4)
  7. Discussion: “Noise Pollution” in the Village… leaf blowers, lawn mowers, music, et al.
  8. Updates:    
    1.   The Main Dock:
      • Construction Progress: Soft Opening on June 27, 2020
      • Yacht Club
      • Sailing Foundation
      • Status of Village “Re-Opening” Plans – New York Forward: Golf Club; Waterfront; ID Cards for Extended Family during COVID; Kids’ Camp Plan; Tennis Camp 

               2.   Review Building Report (Exhibit: 5)

9.  Special Events

July Events:

Pilates by the Bay; request for a permit to offer a six-week program of 50-minute Pilates sessions two days a week (approximately 6 attendees), starting July 23rd through September 6th, 2020, at Mothers’ Beach. (Exhibit: 6)

Discussion: Summer Band Shell Concerts postponed until July 30, 2020. Review the proposal of a “Drive-In” Concert series to accommodate social distancing during the pandemic (with adherence to NYS Guidance). (Exhibit: 7)

August Events:

Bellport Boys and Girls Club Annual Fundraiser on Saturday, August 22nd, from 3PM-5PM. This year the fundraiser will be held virtually; however, food is proposed to be distributed possibly at the Main Dock for this virtual gala event. (Exhibit: 8)

Bellport Bay 5K (pending NYS Guidance): August 30, 2020, postponed to July 11, 2021 (Exhibit: 9)

10.  Review the June 22, 2020 Board Meeting (Exhibit: 10)


Executive Session

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