Bellport Village Marina Update

Spring is upon us and we are all anxious for the start of our boating season.  The Marina was to open this Saturday, May 16th.

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in our construction project due to weather, and even more importantly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis.  The progress of the project has been plagued by supply chain issues, wet weather /high water ground tables and most importantly the crew had been stricken by the virus.  Fortunately, post-quarantine the whole crew is back and they are making great progress.  We hope that they will be able to continue unimpeded by the pandemic.

We hesitate to give a date to open the Marina, but the end of May, beginning of June, is targeted.  The storm water system and water purification system are well under way and should be completed by next week.  This will be followed by the electrical system, and then the asphalt resurfacing, with the final costs of asphalt being laid in the fall.

We will continue to keep you posted as to the progress of the project.  We appreciate your patience and support of this major project and the “new normal” we all must maintain, as we look forward to a great boating season.


John Kocay

Village Clerk


Katie Mehrkens

Deputy Village Clerk

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