Agenda for Village of Bellport Board of Trustees Meeting – October 25, 2021 – 7:00 pm


Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting – September 27, 2021

A G E N D A- Subject to Change

Bellport Village Community Center, 4 Bell Street, beginning at 7:00PM


Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call

Open to the Public

Report of the Trustees

Report of the Village Attorney

1. Resolution: ____ Approve the Board Meeting Minutes of September 27, 2021

2. Review and approve the following payments:

    • Resolution: ____ Approve General Fund Checking Abstract Report #1. Consisting of 81 vendors:
    1. General Fund Expenditures:     $162,455.73
    2. Enterprise Fund Expenditures: $  9,372.20

              Totaling:                                        $171,827.93

    • Resolution: ____ Approve the Enterprise Fund Checking Abstract Report #2, consisting of 16 vendors totaling: $176,998.67
    • Resolution: ___ Approve the Capital fund Checking Abstract Report #3, consisting of 2 vendors totaling: $2,803.70
    • Resolution: _____ Approve the Capital Browns & Dock Fund Checking Abstract Report # 4, consisting of 1 vendor totaling: $1,115.20

      See Financial Abstracts and Summary of Abstracts 

    • Total taxes collected through October 21, 2021: $2,769,035.50 (97.39% of the budget)

3. Resolution: ____ Approve the Budget Transfers as of October 25, 2021. 

4. Resolution ____ Accept the Bid of $6,878.00 for the DPW Work Boat by Bob Palermo of Patchogue. 

5. Resolution ____ Proposal of Jason Pontieri, Principal of JPCE Consulting Engineers of Medford, NY, to evaluate the following buildings: Greenskeeper House, Golf Cart Stable, Women’s Locker Room, Golf Pro Shop, and the Tennis Outbuilding for a fee of $2,000. 

6. Resolution ____ Approve the 2022 Bellport Marina Boat Slip fee (fee per linear foot to be discussed and determined). In addition, an Assessment for a Marina special project, or a Marina Special Reserve Fund, may be determined. 

7. Resolution ____ The Bellport Village Program Fund is donating the fees both in design and plantings to renovate the small garden at the Bellport Golf Club’s 18th Hole. Parkland would maintain the garden once the renovation has been established.

8. Updates:

    • Waterfront –
      • Status of Ho Hum Pavilion
      • FEMA Main Dock Project: FEMA Validation of Project;
      • Browns Lane Bulkhead Replacement Project
    • Update: Traffic Calming Measures – Speed Sign, Pedestrian Stanchion, Speed Humps and other measures
    • Infrastructure Updates –
      • Infrastructure Project Submission for $3.27M to Congress for our Bellport Marina Basin and Ho Hum Beach Marina

9. Resolution ____ Special Events:

    1. Bellport Chamber of Commerce – Halloween Parade– October 30, 2021, 11:00AM gathering at the Bellport Fire Department
    2. Bellport Brewery Company, Inc. – Halloween Celebration with side Fundraiser for Stony Medical Breast Awareness (final weekend collection), October 30, 2021, 6:00PM-11:00PM 
    3. SCOVA Holiday Party, December 7, 2021 at Lombardi’s by the Bay

10. Other Items

Open to the Public

Close Meeting

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