Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing – 14 Shore Road – October 14, 2021 at 7:00 pm



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Village of Bellport Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 7 pm in the Bellport Community Center, 4 Bell Street, Bellport, NY to consider the following application:

Vishaan Chakrabarti & Maria Alataris, 14 Shore Road, Bellport, NY are seeking the following variances to renovate an existing single story, single family dwelling which includes raising the dwelling in accordance with the existing FEMA costal construction codes:

 Sec. 21-1. – Definitions.

Swimming pool, family. Any body of water in an artificial or semi-artificial receptacle or other container, whether located indoors or outdoors, used or designed, arranged or intended to be used for swimming and/or wading by adults and/or children, including but not limited to all buildings, structures, appurtenances, equipment, appliances and other facilities appurtenant thereto designed for operational and/or maintenance purposes. For purposes of this chapter, any outdoor swimming pool shall be considered an accessory structure and shall include the following types:

(1)  Aboveground swimming pool: Any swimming pool located in or upon the ground, which at no point is more than eighteen (18) inches below grade.

(2)  In-ground swimming pool. Any swimming pool located in or upon the ground, which extends more than eighteen (18) inches below grade, or having an area of more than one hundred (100) square feet.

Sec. 21-240. – Area requirements.

In addition to any other requirements set forth in this chapter, the area restrictions applicable to any property located in the Residence “AA” District shall be the same as those set forth in article IV, division 2 of this chapter—Residence A District, except that no building shall be constructed, erected or altered in the Residence AA District unless said lot shall have an area of at least eighty thousand (80,000) square feet and have at least two hundred (200) feet of frontage along a street.

Sec. 21-218. – Height (Pyramid Law).

In the Residence A District no building hereinafter constructed, erected or altered shall exceed thirty-two (32) feet in height, and must be set back from all property lines so that the height of any point of the building is not greater than the horizontal distance of the point from the nearest property line to the building or structure at that location or protrude through a diagonal line formed by a forty-five-degree pyramid angle from all property lines. Chimneys are exempt from said restrictions. Accessory buildings and structures shall not be subject to the pyramid law.

Proposed: Dwelling to encroach into the pyramid by 2,309.6 cubic feet/1,035 square feet.

Sec. 21-225. – Building area.

(a)  Main building and accessory buildings: In the Residence A District the maximum total building area for the main building and all accessory buildings shall not exceed fifteen (15) percent of the total lot area.

(b)  Accessory structures: In the Residence A District the total maximum area for occupancy of accessory structures shall not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the total rear yard area. If an accessory structure is located in the front and/or side yards then it must be included with and conform to the total lot area coverage set forth in subsection (a).

Proposed: Lot coverage of 15.63% increased from original grant of 15.5% due to addition of accessory structure in side yard.

Sec. 21-226. – Accessory buildings and structures.

(b) In the Residence A District, unless addressed specifically elsewhere in this chapter, all structures and accessory structures must be located in the rear yard of a lot and be setback at least fifteen (15) feet from all property lines. No structure and/or accessory structure shall exceed fifteen (15) feet in height.

Proposed: 18 inch high retaining wall located in front and side yards — 12.5 feet from side yard lot line and 2 feet from front yard lot line.

Sec. 21-501. – Location.

  1. a) Lot location:All pools shall be located in the rear yard of interior lots or the designated rear yard of corner lots.

(b) Setbacks: All outdoor swimming pools, including above ground pools shall be subject to:

(1) Minimum side and rear yard setbacks of fifteen (15) feet as measured from the edge of the water;

Proposed: Pool and pool equipment not located in required rear yard.

The single-family dwelling is located in the “AA” Residence District.  The Suffolk County Tax Map Number is 0202-9-1-16.2.

All persons with an interest may attend and will be heard.  The Community Center is handicapped accessible.


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