Village Dock Update As of June 10, 2020



Our Main Dock Project is almost complete: we are in the home stretch. The contractor and engineer are not estimating a completion date because an unexpected issue may come up; however, the anticipated date for opening our new Dock is June 22, 2020. 

We understand that it has been a much longer than expected project. As previously outlined in communications, the delays are multifold: the water table and rainy conditions at the Dock have been unrelenting and more importantly the timing of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic with the crew’s illness, quarantines, supply house closures and delays, all have taken their toll on our new Dock’s completion timetable.

The following is an update:

·         the new bulkhead is complete.

·         the new underground electrical conduits lines are all in place, with cabling expected later this week; the light poles need to be electrified.

·         water lines have been completed.

·         the water treatment plant, hydro-dynamic separator, that filters the water from the roadway and parking areas at the dock is installed and almost complete; the resurfacing of the Dock has begun with much of the belgian block curbing already installed.

·        the CCA (crushed concrete aggregate) is being laid, then the asphalt black top will follow

During the entire construction process, we have been very fortunate that our contractor and his crew agreed and made the decision to continue to work during the crisis versus closing down the project. As we are nearing completion of the project, we are opening the North Dock on Osborn Park and the Kayak/Dinghy Racks on Row Boat Beach immediately, as their opening will not interrupt the construction crew. 

The Village is aware that the Marina Slip holders have been impacted by the delay. As our Dock is a community marina, due to fiscal budget constraints, the Village will not provide a partial slip fee reimbursement. The impact would not be possible given the projected magnitude of the shortfall of such an expense within this year’s budget. However, our Board is considering extending the season in the fall for the Marina until November 30th, and in addition running the ferry longer this season, weather permitting.

We are very pleased that the Bellport Sailing Foundation is opening its camp this season and we are making every accommodation possible for its mobilization along the westside of Bandshell Park and its parking lot and at the end of the Stick Dock. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times. We look forward to our Dock Opening and the many years that it will provide the Village residents with a wonderful facility to enjoy.

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