Bellport Village Marina – Executive Order from Governor Cuomo

Bellport Village Marina 

As you may know, Govenor Cuomo has issued an Executive Order, which states that boat launches and marinas for recreational vessels are non-essential. 

Our Main Dock construction project remains operational. The construction teams must maintain distancing for their safety. We are thankful that they are allowed to continue to work and are healthy. 

When the Bellport Village Main Dock Project work is completed, the boat launch and the boat slips (including kayaks racks and dinghies slips) will not be open for residents to launch their boats and the dock slips will also not be open for residents to put their boats in their assigned slips. 

As soon as we receive the authorization from New York State to allow residents to use our boat launch and their assigned boat slips, we will share this information with you. 

Under this Executive Order, three emergency first responder boats that utilize our dock are considered to be essential. The Suffolk County Police Boat, the South Country Ambulance Boat and the Bellport Fire Department Boat will continue to have access to their boat slips at the Village Dock. 

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