Update from Mayor Fell – May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020

Update from Mayor Fell


1. Dock Construction: The Village is coming down the home stretch… the project has had two factors that have affected the completion: 1.) the Coronia-19 Virus has affected the production and delivery of some materials and the crews were affected by the virus and had to quarantine at different times; 2.) the extremely rainy weather that we experienced this spring caused delays; however, we are looking at the first week of June for completion.

2. Ho Hum Beach: The Governor has allowed beaches to open…the Village is completing guidelines for opening the beach. The Village expects to open Ho Hum by the end of June. Guests will not be allowed until further notice due to social distancing restrictions.

3. Village Ferry: The Ferry must be inspected every year by the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has just released the guidance on how they will inspect vessels this year. The inspections will be completed virtually and the village has begun this process. Due to the need for social distancing, the Village is developing Ferry guidelines.  The Village expects the Village Ferry service to begin in late June. No guests will be allowed until further notice.

4. Mother’s Beach: Mother’s Beach will be open Memorial Day weekend. Remember social distancing is mandated. Only residents will have access to Mother’s Beach (no guests).

5. Golf: The Governor has allowed golf to be played in the State for the past month. The Village Golf Course has been open with guidelines distributed to all golfers. The guidelines have been very successful in providing a safe environment for members and Village Residents. No guests will be allowed to play until further notice.

6. Tennis: The Governor has approved the opening of tennis courts this week. The Village Tennis Courts will open this weekend. Guidelines have been distributed to all members to provide a safe environment. No guests will be allowed until further notice.

7. Social Distancing and Face Masks: Please remember to social distance and wear face masks when you are out and about in the Village.

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