ZBA Hearing 19 Bellport Lane (Porters on the Lane) - June 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Community Center

ZBA Hearing 19 Bellport Lane (Porters on the Lane) - June 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Community Center



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of Bellport will hold a public hearing on June 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Bellport Community Center located at 4 Bell St., Bellport, New York to consider the following application:

Porters on the Lane/John Giannott seeks the following variance to place outdoor seating on the sidewalk in front of an existing restaurant:

Sec. 21-296. - Outdoor storage and sales.

(b) Restaurants, shops and stores that have, as their primary activity, the sale of food and beverage, shall be permitted to place and locate tables and chairs in front of their establishment (front yard) upon issuance of a special permit from the Village of Bellport Planning Board.

(c) In order for a special permit to be issued, the applicant must provide reasonable proof that:

(1)The outdoor seating would not require additional parking. If so, then the applicant can provide for same;

(2) Health department approval, if necessary;

(3) Issues such as number of tables and chairs, garbage can location, lighting, noise and pedestrian safety are resolved to the satisfaction of the planning board.

(d) In no event shall a special permit be issued if:

(1) The tables and chairs are on the village-owned sidewalk or property.

(2) All tables and chairs must be a minimum of nine (9) feet from the curb.

(3) Amplified music can be heard.

(4) There are any tables or chairs for properties that front on two (2) roads (in order to assure the orderly flow of pedestrian traffic, automobile sight lines and health, safety and welfare of the public in general). 

Proposed: Outdoor seating located on Village owned sidewalk, less than 9 feet from the curb

The single family dwelling is located in the “E” Business District.  The Suffolk County Tax Map Number is 0202-8-3-30.

All persons with an interest may attend and will be heard.  The Community Center is handicapped accessible.



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