New York State Amended Guidelines for Golf Courses

Bellport Golf Club Members and Bellport Village Residents,

We hope everybody has been able to stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. As some of you may know, the other day, New York State amended its guidance in respect to golf course operations. Although it still states that golf courses are non-essential and cannot have employees working on-premise besides groundskeeping and security, it continues to state that “private operators may permit individuals access to the property so long as there are no gatherings of any kind and appropriate social distancing of 6 feet must be strictly abided”.

Due to this amendment, the Village Board along with the Golf Commission, has decided to open Bellport Golf Club. We will open on Tuesday, April 21st, with the first tee time being 11AM. We will begin taking tee times on Tuesday morning, beginning at 8:30AM. Although we will be open, the following restrictions will be in place:


·         Play is permissible for Members and Paying Residents Only. Guest play is not permitted at any time until further notice.


·         The course will be available for walkers only. There will be no golf carts available at this time.


·         All tee times will be made by calling the Starter’s Booth (631-286-4139), no more than 1 day in advance. We will be going to a 15-minute tee sheet and limiting large groups to just one foursome. For availability reasons, you will be required to make a tee time prior to playing. WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING WALK-UPS DURING THIS TIME. Tee times will be available from 8:30AM – 4:30PM during the week and 8:00AM – 4:30PM on the weekends.


·         We will be practicing a Golf & Go Initiative during this time. Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your tee time.  We ask that you change your shoes at your car, carry your own bag and only check in at shop prior to playing your round.


·         Practice areas will continue to be closed until further notice.


·         Practice social distancing throughout the facility; this includes on the golf course and in the parking lot. This is very, very important to ensure the safety of everyone. AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU BE CONGREGATING AROUND THE FACILITY.


·         For the time being, we will be using the 9th tee as our 1st tee. Please check in at the Pro Shop prior to starting your round.


·         As of now, both Locker Rooms and on course bathrooms will remain closed. Please plan accordingly.


·         In the event of a delay due to frost or other Spring conditions, please be advised that tee times will not be pushed back, they will be cancelled.


·         As Governor Cuomo and New York State have stated, face masks should be worn in public.


As a reminder, on the golf course we will continue to take the following precautions:


·         We ask that nobody touches the flagstick at any time. The cup will be flipped upside down to ensure the ball doesn’t drop below hole level. Please be cautious taking the ball out.


·         There will be no rakes in the bunkers, so if your ball does in fact land in one, simply smooth the area with your foot and place your ball. We are asking you to smooth the playing area as you exit the bunker as best as possible.


·         Water and Ice machines will not be operational through this time. Please plan accordingly.


·         There will be no sand/seed on any golf carts, near the 1st tee or on the par 3s. Please replace your divots throughout the golf course. Additionally, all ball washers and tee markers will not be out for the foreseeable future.


·         We encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer and use as necessary.


We continue to thank you for your love and support over the last month and a half; it is truly what makes BGC seem like a family. As this situation continues to change, we will let you know.


Mayor Ray Fell

Golf Commission

Golf Staff

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