COVID-19 UPDATE as of March 18, 2020

Thank you to all Bellport Residents for being so understanding about the current COVID-19 situation.  Village Hall will remain closed until further notice, however, you may call or e-mail to have questions answered.  If you need to come to Village Hall for some important reason, please call and make an appointment. 

Information has been changing on a minute by minute basis.  To that end, I am giving you the latest information that the Village has received from Suffolk County.  Residents can receive updates at or by texting COVIDSUFFOLK to 67283.

VIRUS TESTING – While testing has been limited, the State is actively working to greatly expand the capacity with drive-thru testing centers.  If you have symtoms and would like to be tested, the State has established a hotline where trained health department professionals will screen callers and issue appointments, when appropriate.  That hotline number is 1-888-364-3064.  

SCHOOL NUTRITION – South Country School District is providing grab-and-go meals that will be available at Bellport High School, Frank P. Long Imtermediate School and Verne Critz Elementary School between 10:00am and 1:00pm.  Two meals will be included.   For those under quarentine, or without transportation, call 631-730-1501 to arrange for delivery.  

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