COVID-19 Information from New York State and Suffolk County

Suffolk County COVID-19 report  as 2:30 p.m. on 3/29/2020

•  Confirmed Cases:  5,023

•  Patients Hospitalized:  502

•  Patients in ICU:  160

•  Deaths:  40

•  Brookhaven Township Cases:   605

Governor Cuomo Primary Election Updates-March 29, 2020 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is issuing an executive order to move the presidential primary election from April 28 to June 23, aligning it with the congressional and legislative primaries in New York.

Governor Cuomo Update NYS Tax Filing deadline extended-March 29, 2020 Governor Cuomo also issued an executive order to enable the tax filing deadline for personal and corporate taxes to be pushed back to July 15. The federal government took similar action earlier this month.

NYS Department of Financial Services-Mortgages:  If 311 callers are calling stating that their lending institutions are not abiding by the 90-day mortgage relief please contact the NYS Department of Financial Services hotline 1-888-342-3736

The Governor announced the Department of Financial Services has issued a new directive to New York State mortgage servicers to provide 90-day mortgage relief to mortgage borrowers impacted by the novel coronavirus. The directive includes:

• Waiving mortgage payments based on financial hardship;

• No negative reporting to credit bureaus;

• Grace period for loan modification;

• No late payment fees or online payment fees; and

• Postponing or suspending foreclosures.

Additionally, the Governor has asked the Department of Financial Services to instruct state-chartered banks to waive ATM fees, late fees, overdraft fees and fees for credits cards to help lessen the financial hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic on New Yorkers.

NYS Guidance on Ice Cream Trucks and Food Trucks:  These classifications of businesses are not deemed essential. They must apply for permission from NYS Empire State Development business-purposes-executive-order-2026

Suffolk County Park Golf Courses and New York State sponsored Golf Course Update: Suffolk County owned Golf Courses and New York State Parks owned golf courses are operational and staff are providing information to practice social distancing and appropriate protective measures.  Bellport Village Golf Course will be opened April 1, 2020.  Click for instructions for members to play the course. 

NYS Department of Health Online COVID 19 Screening 2 options-March 27, 2020:  NYSDOH online screen tool for COVID 19 screening If you are concerned about COVID-19 and would like to take an online assessment, please access this link If you meet the criteria, you will receive a callback from NYS to schedule a test. (Please note that this screening tool is not accessible for those who are sight impaired. If someone is sight-impaired they should call the hotline)

NYS Department of Health Testing both Stony Brook University/Jones Beach:  Suffolk County residents who want to make an appointment for the test can call the NYS Coronavirus Hotline 1-888-364-3065 and they will be triaged by a nurse or a healthcare professional.

PSEG Long Island-March 23, 2020:  PSEG Long Island has suspended shut-offs of electric service to residential customers for non- payment. This will give customers experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the outbreak additional time to pay their bills. For more information, visit

In keeping with this effort to minimize the financial difficulties of its customers during the outbreak, PSEG Long Island is also waiving new late payment fees until further notice.

The majority of these policies will be in place through the end of April. PSEG Long Island will evaluate the continued need at that time. For additional, or updated information, about PSEG Long Island’s response and any operational changes associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, visit PSEG Long Island’s coronavirus update webpage:

National Grid-March 23, 2020:  Collections activities & disconnections – We have temporarily suspended collections-related activities, including service disconnections, to lessen any financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These policies will remain in effect at least until the end of April, when we will evaluate their continued need.

SCHD as of March 16th I tested positive for COVID-2019 What do I do now?

If you test positive for COVID-2019, you should isolate yourself from other household and/or family members (those who live with you). In addition, your household and/or family members should also remain at home under quarantine.

Quarantine or isolation means you must stay separate from others in the community to prevent the possible spread of COVID-2019.

• You must stay at your residence all the time, during the period you are self- quarantined. You should avoid having company at your residence

• You will need to take your temperature with a thermometer twice a day: in the morning and later in the day, and record your temperature on a sheet of paper or electronically.

• You can live with other family members in your home, but you must sleep in a separate bedroom and use a separate bathroom until the quarantine or isolation period is over.

• During this period, you should avoid close contact for social or dining activities. Food should be delivered to your individual quarters.

• You may walk outside your house on your own property, but should not come within six feet of neighbors or other members of the public. You should refrain from walking in your neighborhood.

• Symptoms of novel coronavirus include: fever, cough, shortness of breath. If you develop any of these symptoms, you should put on a face mask immediately to prevent other people in your household from becoming sick.

• If you have a true emergency, call 911, and let the person that answers know that you are under quarantine or isolation for novel coronavirus.

• If you feel you need to be relocated to another jurisdiction (city, town, or state), you must first speak to the  SCDHS Public Health Staff at 631-854-0333 who will handle your request.

• If you have any questions or if you need assistance with daily living (e.g. food, laundry, etc.), please call 311.

• If you have concerns about your employment status, SCDHS can provide you with a letter asking your employer to excuse you from work.

• You will be advised by the SCDHS in consultation with the New York State Department of Health when your quarantine or isolation period will end.


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