Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island Invites Families to Add Names of Victims and First Responders to September 11 Memorial

Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island is offering families of victims and first repsonders to add loved ones’ names to its 9-11 Memorial as part of the 20th year remembrance of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks on America.  The Memorial monument, located within Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury, was erected in 2003 and currently displays the names of 414 individuals who were victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and individuals who worked to rescue and reocver the victims at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.  

Family members who lost loved ones are encouraged to submit their names using a special form with required information attestation.  The deceased’s full name and optionally, their profession or role, will be added to the Memorial.  All forms must be submitted and arrive by email or mail by July 31, 2021.  The form is available online at  Those who lost their lives later due to health conditions and exposure at Ground Zero and lower Manhattan are also eligible.  

There is no cost to the families to add a name to the Memorial.  For Additional information please call Anthony Lambroia at 516-428-9327




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